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Regression analyses and hypothesis testing - Open lecture, 19 October 2017

We would like to invite the academic community to participate in lecture titled "Regression analyses and hypothesis testing". The lecture will be given by Narek Kesoyan, PhD, from Armenian State University of Economics.



Linear regression is one of the most popular statistical techniques for the quantitative assessment and forecasting of hypothetical economic relationships using data. Regression analysis is more robust in some contexts than the others. This presentation of regression modelling presents a learning-by-doing approach to the study of econometrics. Rather than relying on complex theoretical discussions and complicated mathematics, this course explains econometrics from a practical point of view. Basic statistical concepts underlies the material, making Econometrics an ideally flexible and self-contained learning resource for students studying econometrics for the first time. This approach bridges the gap between how undergraduate econometrics has traditionally been taught and how empirical researchers actually think about and apply econometric methods.


The aim of this lecture is to give students an opportunity to develop an understanding of regression analysis to understand and evaluate data by their own. By the end of this course, the students should be able to: describe and apply the regression model and its application to cross-sectional data, describe and apply the: • basic assumptions required in the application of the classical regression model • reasons for expecting violations of these assumptions in certain circumstances • tests for violations and similar techniques over regression analysis to quantify economic relationships using standard regression programmes (EViews).


The schedule of the open lecture:

19th October, 2017 , Pavillon A, room 013 (computer lab) , 11:20 am - 2:45 pm



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